Music in this album uncovers the true colours of life – the long lost understanding, peace of mind and deep relaxation, as well as the hidden corners of the Soul.

In the Universe, there are thunders and destruction, as is harmony, love and the good. Just like in human life. One does not exist without the other. And one is not superior to another because there is harmony in the Universe!

Aktavio Lioss™ music is powerful and created specially with a purpose to help to develop and purify one's Spirit, Soul and Body. Music has been created in deep state of meditation, therefore only clear and subtle energies reach the audience.


Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Little Bells

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    Length: 8:42 min

    A clear and refreshing stream of sounds flowing freely as a spring that rejuvenates and creates life. Third eye chakra activization. 

  • 02 : To Hear

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    Length: 4:19 min

    A harmonious blend of sounds in a light and peaceful melody. Deep relaxation and tranquility.

  • 03 : Sunrise

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    Length: 5:27 min

    A vibrant, bright and inspiring melody, just like the beginning of a new day.

  • 04 : Softness

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    Length: 10:00 min

    Gentle and peaceful sounds flowing into the vast Universe.

  • 05 : Cave

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    Length: 6:50 min

    Where there is no Love, there are only blustery winds of the Universe blowing upon the frozen depths of the Earth and outer space. Yet, that wind is also Love because it exists. Be brave to look deep within your Soul!

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