Everything is possible - Melodies to revitalize your vital and sexual energy!


The album begins with rhythmic melodies that activate energy circulation in the human body - sexual energy. This music regenerates inner power and courage. It’s a chance to feel that the Universe is full of opportunities and you just need to open your arms and accept them.


At the end of this beautiful album you’ll find melodies that encourage imagination, create a clear vision about your goals in life and provide deep relaxation.


Aktavio Lioss: "Relaxation music that inspires you and gives strength to find harmony within!"


Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Movement

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    Length: 2:31 min

    Boost your energy and Self Confidence! Faith in your ability to reach your Goals! Positive inner strength and growth that cannot be stopped! Inspiration to reach goals in harmony with the Universe.

  • 02 : Life

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 5:46 min

    The world is perfect in every way! Accept Yourself, Your Life, and Your Reality! Let go of your prejudices! Melody activates vital and sexual energy. Inspire yourself and be the Creator of your life! Feel the Pure and Subtle energy of the Universe!

  • 03 : Progress

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    Length: 3:29 min

    Revitalize Your Sexuality! Increase your vital force! Overcome a lack of courage!

  • 04 : Inspiration

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    Length: 3:34 min

    Listen to this relaxation music and free your imagination completely, feel yourself relaxing, enlightened, and saturated with love. Life is full of miracles! Feel yourself as a part of the entire Universe!

  • 05 : Peace

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 5:45 min

    Free your mind and experience deep relaxation in music. Step outside yourself for a new perspective! Listen to your inner voice, meditate and find your true purpose!

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