Rhythms for energy, confidence and progression towards goals!
Balanced sexual and material energy.


Melodies are dynamic, powerful and propelling. Just like your morning coffee, it gives you a pleasant boost of energy, power and courage to get up and go!


These melodies activate the energy flow and help to develop your being. A boost of energy for an enjoyable and active day. Melodies to revitalize your vital and sexual energy!


“Get Forward” is curative and created for a person to develop and purify one’s Spirit, Soul and Body.


It is a chance to change, to develop your Soul and transform the life processes towards well-being and harmony!


Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Get Forward

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    Length: 6:34 min

    Profound and powerfully inspirational melody. Activates goal achievement and a clear vision. Comprehensive and dynamic touch to activate the flow of energy.

  • 02 : Dance of Soul

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    Length: 2:37 min

    Extraordinary vibrations, filled with spaciousness and light.

  • 03 : Story

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    Length: 3:51 min

    Peaceful movement through balanced life path.

  • 04 : Future Mystery

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 4:01 min

    Takes your consciousness to the fantasy world where everyone can feel as he wants to be.

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