The instrumental composition "Life Energy" is created to harmonise, balance and renew our vital energy.


We lose our vital energy every day in various ways – being worried or concerned, having negative thoughts and feelings, living in a way that does not meet the basic needs of our body – inactive lifestyle, poor nutrition etc. All that drains our vital energy needed for a successful life experience.


The "Life Energy" is a composition with a dynamic, powerful and driving essence. It activates the flow of the earth energy within us. Earth energy is responsible for all the processes of the physical and tangible world – our relationships with parents, opposite gender representatives, children, money, work, business, achieving goals, sexual relationships, as well as for the vivacity, harmony and inner balance.


While listening to the melody, try to recollect fond memories, think good thoughts, dream, feel gratitude, forgiveness, respect, keep in mind the aims you would like to achieve. This is a possibility to purify, renew and harmonize the flow of the earth's energy, allowing for positive changes to enter into your life. Music for your relaxation and activity!


Listening to Aktavio Lioss music, you get filled with the subtle vibrations of the Universe, which purify and harmonize the accumulated negative energies, such as aggression, envy, anger, discontent about yourself and the world around you.


Aktavio Lioss music meditation is a method of accelerated self-improvement. It is a unique way of self-development that allows us to relax, to ease our body and mind, to gain a deep harmony between the physical and mental development. Relaxing music to harmonize your Soul. More about meditation here.


There is one instumental composition "Life Energy" (24 min) in this album. Created by LAWIO. 

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