Album LIGHT - Experience deep meditation in relaxing music!


A chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to stop your mind race. Experience state of deep inner peace - an infinite balance of mind and Soul. Melodies by Aktavio Lioss™ give a sense of freedom and help to expand your consciousness. Feel that you can be true to yourself!


Album “Light” is suitable for meditation and deep relaxation.


How to listen to the music?

Before listening, tune yourself into positive feelings – gratitude, your goal, a smile or a mantra. 


Everything happens for a reason.

 I am calm and balanced.

 I accept life the way it is.


If during or after listening to the Aktavio Lioss music you experience very strong emotions or discomfort, or if it activates undesirable changes in your circumstances, then reduce the frequency and duration of listening. Be aware that it is your inner world. The accumulated negative thoughts and feelings from the past are being cleansed in the subconscious mind. When these emotions and activated life processes equilibrate again, continue listening to the music until your start feeling acceptance and harmony. 


This music has been composed with a purpose to boost the energy of love, to help people change their accumulated negative energies into the positive ones and find solutions to their life problems.

Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Gentle Touch

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 5:37 min

    Lightly as butterfly this melody takes you to the world of imagination, where everything is possible. Your Soul is free to dream and to be truthfull!

  • 02 : Moment

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 6:06 min

    Peace of mind, and a sense of smooth, flowing feelings is revealed.

  • 03 : Wave

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 5:00 min

    Deep inner peace, relaxation and spacious feelings. An opportunity to develop yourself. Be stress free in 5 minutes! Relaxation music.

  • 04 : Flow

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 4:47 min

    Peace of mind and Soul. Feel that everything you hope for comes true and your goals can be reached. Your confidence is growing and you believe the Universe is full of opportunities.

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