What happens to a person who spends every single day in a rush and non-stop rat race?


How do people change when they choose to take a break, to step outside their usual routines and spend time in nature, and in solitude from others.  


Hearing the natural sounds, feeling the natural scents and seeing the multitude of natural colours, the human mind calms down, thoughts become clear and the heart opens up to kindness and love. 


Aktavio Lioss™ CD “Nature’s Touch” is a collection of melodies created within the energies of natural sounds and harmony. It gives a possibility for everyone to recall the positive memories of nature, to restore inner balance and harmony of life. This CD is available in physical format. Free worldwide shipping. 



Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Light of the Soul

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    Length: 11:25 min

    A quick way to restore inner balance, surrounded by the sounds of nature. The Universe speaks to us through many different avenues – through wind, scents, bird songs, discreet yet resonant. 

  • 02 : The Sun

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    Length: 18:05 min

    Clear sounds of nature reminding of the summer harmony and creating a sense of completeness. 

  • 03 : A Moment in the Universe

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    Length: 10:54 min

    The natural sounds merge with the music and generate a fascinating message. A rustling sea, waves rolling towards the coast, and rain flushing away the unnecessary. Tinkling bells open the Soul for Belief and Love. 

  • 04 : Only For You

    Buy melody ($8.00)
    Length: 26:24 min

    The gentleness and power of wild nature. The sounds of nature invite you to pause and return to your true self. Just let yourself be, and breath the summer into every single cell of your body.

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