Melodies full of energy for dynamic decisions and actions in life. Free flowing melodies to easily find peace of mind and a sense of freedom.


Create your path of life day by day!


All emotions and sensations we experience, create and accumulate every single day, remain imprinted in the Soul structures. A soul is the world of our feelings.
You will enjoy a breathtaking moment when you listen to this album, which has therapeutic tones that provide soft soothing and Soul healing moments. Music by Aktavio Lioss™ will transit you into a world, where you will be in a constant oasis of tranquility.


Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Apple Blossom

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    Length: 1:24 min

    Calm and peaceful melody. Gentle vibrations unfolds Soul to Love and understanding.

  • 02 : Dream

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    Length: 3:42 min

    Far away flowing melody with soft beat. Freedom to dream and belief that wishes come true.

  • 03 : Gratitude

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    Length: 4:00 min

    Deep relaxation, peace of mind and gratitude. Opportunity to stop and feel beauty all around!

  • 04 : Morning

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    Length: 2:09 min

    Energetic rhythm restores vitality in every cell. Clear vision, fresh ideas and joy of life towards your goals!

  • 05 : Mountain Trail

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    Length: 2:47 min

    Powerful rhythm reveals deep inner potential, persistence and faith in yourself!

  • 06 : Mysterious

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    Length: 8:11 min

    Peace and deep insight into the vastness of the Universe. Melody as an invitation to return to yourself. Dew drops fall into spring and pure sounds reflect in the distance.

  • 07 : Rainbow

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    Length: 5:04 min

    Energy of life and inspiration outside the frame of consciousness. Go ahead playfully and with joy!

  • 08 : Senses

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    Length: 4:48 min

    Soft and gently flowing melody. Restore inner balance and feel state of "here and now"!

  • 09 : Sunlight meditation

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    Length: 5:13 min

    Thoughts slow down and pleasant peacefulness takes over. The universe surrounds you and you are a part of it.

  • 10 : Golden Leaf

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    Length: 3:04 min

    Bright and colorful melody with gentle rhythm. Unfold your wings and watch life take off!

  • 11 : Walk in Nature

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    Length: 2:10 min

    Replenish your body and Soul with pure energies and sounds of nature.

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