Enrichment of your Soul - music by Aktavio Lioss™!


Everybody has a chance to feel harmony within and in the world around us. You may think that it’s not possible to feel peaceful and relaxed in everyday life. Sometimes we think that hurrying will help us to get where we want to be and will get us there faster. But mostly, after some time we see that hurrying is hurting us and is not helping. It is important to relax and get rid of everyday worries and find a place for ourselves between work, managing a home, and taking care of a family.


Here you can find unique instrument to organize your thoughts and feel happy, and live and enjoy the present moment! While listening to this relaxing music by Aktavio Lioss™ you will feel the Vibrations of the Universe. Your cells will be filled with all colours of rainbow and will dispose your negative energy. This relaxation music will set you free from inner pollutants – aggressiveness, discomfort within yourself and circumstances around you.


LAWIO music helps to fill your soul with energies from Universe. Your soul is made of light and is the embodiment of love. Read more about the effect of this music here.


Aktavio Lioss: "Let your soul's love radiate through you!"

Melodies in this CD

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  • 01 : Beauty of Sun

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 4:39 min

    Keep your Soul warm and brighten up! Deep relaxation. Emancipate your mind. Feel yourself as a part of the Universe. Living a life of unconditional Love.

  • 02 : Blue Ocean

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 3:27 min

    Be true and powerful like an ocean! Restore vital energy and gain stability in your life feeling stronger and more organized. Connect with your intuition and restore your self-esteem.

  • 03 : True Path

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 2:28 min

    Power of the Earth and Sky - and I'm happy in between! Everything in this Universe is created for us to love.


  • 04 : Contemplation

    Buy melody ($5.10)
    Length: 3:25 min

    Please stop for a moment! Look from a distance to find your true self. Feel deep mind relaxation and find your mission of life.

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