Music in this album can help you to be in harmony with yourself, others and the world. Life is rapid and dynamic. Everything is in our hands – to be in harmony or surrender to the vortex of life.


The music is intended to help everyone who has stumbled on his life path to rise up again.


So a human being, like a candle flame troubled by gusty winds, has a chance to aspire.


* The album “Life balance” is also available in WAV or AIFF format. The WAV or AIFF album costs EUR 52.50, or EUR 7.50 per melody. Please contact us by email regarding this purchase.

Muziek op deze CD

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  • 01 : Dynamics

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 3:20 min

    The melody is active and dynamic. The energy of life renews and enpowers listener for subsequent life goals, so the actions can be safe, energetic and efficient.

  • 02 : The Way

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 3:24 min

    The melody is calm and fluent. A harmonious journey into the deepest dreams of the Soul. Deep peace and acceptance. To be here and now!

  • 03 : Youth

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 4:29 min

    The melody is tuneful and slowly rhythmical. Crystal clear sounds that vibrate lightly far in the future. The Soul dares to dream and lets itself to be light and free. Everything is and will be just fine.

  • 04 : The Game Of Values

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 4:20 min

    A peaceful, lightly cosmic melody. An invitation to turn to love and harmony regardless of the obstacles and deceptions all around. This melody strengthens the desire to dwell in harmony.

  • 05 : Moment of Harmony

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 2:50 min

    A peaceful and gentle melody. A meditative feeling that creates peace of mind and wide harmony.The acceptance of yourself and the world around you.


  • 06 : Faith

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 2:02 min

    The bells ring with a clear sound and revive your Soul. The melody is soft, light, and provides a strong positive influence. You are this moment.

  • 07 : Sky

    Koop nummer ($5.10)
    Lengte: 4:09 min

    A relaxing and inspiring melody. Deep relaxation and liberation, pure and spacious feelings. Your possibilities are endless!

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