These melodies are carefully selected to be the most appropriate for Holiday Season - to help you bring balance in this time of year that can be stressful or emotional. Aktavio Lioss™ music for relaxation, inspiration, love and heart warm feelings.

Opportunity to brighten up your mood and Soul with harmonious vibrations. 

Only in this selection you can purchase melody "Gentle Crystals" which is released for the first time. 


Мелодии в этом CD

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  • 01 : Колокольчики

    Купить мелодию ($5.10)
    Длина: 8:43 мин

    Нежный, прозрачный и освежающий поток звука как весенний ручеек, который восстанавливает и пробуждает жизнь во всем.

  • 02 : Moment Of Harmony

    Купить мелодию ($5.10)
    Длина: 2:50 мин

    A peaceful and gentle melody. A meditative feeling that creates peace of mind and wide harmony. 

  • 03 : Gratitude

    Купить мелодию ($5.10)
    Длина: 4:00 мин

    Deep relaxation, peace of mind and gratitude. Opportunity to stop and feel beauty all around. 

  • 04 : Beauty of Sun

    Купить мелодию ($5.10)
    Длина: 4:39 мин

    Keep you Soul warm and brighten up! Feel ourself as a part of the Universe. Living a life of unconditional Love. 

  • 05 : Gentle Crystals

    Купить мелодию ($5.10)
    Длина: 3:21 мин

    Melody filled with light and bright sounds of bells. Feel calmness, relaxation and Soul's fulfillment with positivity. Melody that brings you closer to love and harmony. 


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