Music for peaceful mind, relaxation, rest and healthy sleep. Calm and meditative melodies which help to restore the balance. Enhancing awareness that everything in life happens for a reason. The only way to create the desired life is to stop the rat race, to enhance love and change the negative attitudes. 


Aktavio Lioss’ music is created with the energy of love. Interaction with the music helps to achieve personal goals and create success. 


The album “Serenity” includes melodies from several relaxation videos created by Aktavio Lioss.


How to listen to the music? Before listening, tune yourself into positive feelings – gratitude, your goal, a smile or a mantra. 


Everything happens for a reason.

 I am calm and balanced.

 I accept life the way it is.


If during or after listening to the Aktavio Lioss music you experience very strong emotions or discomfort, or if it activates undesirable changes in your circumstances, then reduce the frequency and duration of listening. Be aware that it is your inner world. The accumulated negative thoughts and feelings from the past are being cleansed in the subconscious mind. When these emotions and activated life processes equilibrate again, continue listening to the music until your start feeling acceptance and harmony. 


This music has been composed with a purpose to boost the energy of love, to help people change their accumulated negative energies into the positive ones and find solutions to their life problems.



Мелодии в этом CD

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  • 01 : The Space of Soul

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    Длина: 5:06 мин

    Feel the softness that relieves the tension. The melody touches the Soul like warm sunbeams enhancing the feeling of light, relaxation and purity.

  • 02 : The Sun

    Купить мелодию ($3.03)
    Длина: 8:05 мин

    Harmonious path into the subconscious world. Clear sound vibrations help to restore the natural state of peace and harmony. The melody lets the Sun into those parts of your Soul where it is darker and where it needs more light.

  • 03 : Sunbeam

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    Длина: 3:02 мин

    Like a sparkling beam, the melody leads human mind to awareness that everything is in motion and constantly changing. When we interact with the Universe, we are creators of our own life. The melody causes a desire to improve oneself. 

  • 04 : Clarity

    Купить мелодию ($2.65)
    Длина: 7:00 мин

    Light, flowing and gentle vibrations embrace your mind, body and Soul relieving and relaxing, helping to accept yourself and events in your life, and reminding that everything happens for a reason.

  • 05 : Serenity

    Купить мелодию ($2.65)
    Длина: 7:11 мин

    Clear and powerful feeling of harmony gently fills your Soul. Imagine yourself as a loving and successful person. A dream that turns into reality. 

  • 06 : Dance in the Dawn

    Купить мелодию ($1.90)
    Длина: 5:07 мин

    Let your Soul fly and give a genuine smile to praise yourself and your life. Shape your day by interacting with the sunrise and unlimited possibilities of the Universe.

  • 07 : Ease

    Купить мелодию ($2.65)
    Длина: 6:31 мин

    The playful melodic sounds reduce inner aggression replacing it with the ease of mind. Restores internal equilibrium, and gives the power to pursue your path and fill your Soul with love!

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